Rick's Cricket Aiken, SC
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Cricket Cart Aiken, SC

Cricket Carts for Aiken, SC & the Surrounding Areas

Rick’s Specialty Vehicles is known for innovation, excellent customer service, and high-quality products throughout Augusta, GA and Aiken, SC. Back in 2005, after several years of manufacturing and distributing the rugged OUTBACK line of all-terrain hunting vehicles, the product development team at Rick’s Specialty Vehicles introduced a truly exciting new advancement in electric sport vehicles — the Cricket ESV, which is the world’s first ultra-portable electric sport vehicle.  

The Cricket ESV - the Answer to Your Needs

According to company founder and President Rick Huff, “We believe that the Cricket ESV was perfectly designed to answer the ever-growing need for what we call ‘destination mobility.’ Basically, it’s great for people who need convenient, dependable, economical transportation when they’re at a temporary destination.”  

The Cricket ESV is super-easy for our customers to carry along with them wherever they need to go. These vehicles are perfect for vacations, weekend camping trips, horse shows, trade shows, auto racing venues, and all types of special events. The Original Cricket ESV can fit under an RV and other small storage spaces. 
Rick's Cricket Aiken, SC

The Founder & President of Rick's Cricket

Rick Huff has been actively involved in the automobile industry, transportation services, and entrepreneurial enterprises for over thirty years. Rick is personally responsible for most of the technological improvements, design enhancements, and innovations in all of his company's products. Being a native Georgian himself, Rick Huff is an avid outdoorsman and loves to travel the world for both business and pleasure. 

“Many of our Cricket owners like to camp out and attend weekend events, so I came up with a way to add 50 hours of run time to their portable generators,” explains Rick. “That’s how the RSP Fuel Systems product line came to be.” 

You can bet your boots that there will be even more improvements, enhancements, and new products in the works, because Rick is passionate about providing his customers with superior, high-performance vehicles. Rick's Cricket carts are designed with the needs of our customers in mind.

To test drive an ESV or to learn more about these innovative mini golf cart models, please call our Rick's Cricket team today at 706-963-1344 so we can help you. 
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